Social Impact

Social Impact

We believe that our business should be conducted with honesty and respect for the dignity and rights of all people.

Our Approach

A&F Co.’s commitment to global human and labor rights and to ensuring that our products are made in safe and responsible factories is aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals 1, 8 and 17. We have processes and procedures in place to help ensure compliance with our Vendor Code of Conduct.

We continue to partner with suppliers who respect local laws and share our dedication to utilizing the best practices in human rights, labor rights and workplace safety.


All business partners are contractually required to adhere to our Vendor Code of Conduct.

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Supplier Assessments

Before production, a factory and all subcontractors must go through a rigorous audit process.

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Continuous Improvement

Following assessments, suppliers are assigned specific grades based on findings. A&F Co. partners with the suppliers to address any issues.

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Impact Areas

Anti-Human Trafficking

We’re working to help end human trafficking and forced labor through our supply chain.

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Health & Safety

We work with our supply chain partners to ensure facilities are safe and the health of workers is protected.

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Labor & Social Standards

Our standards ensure that people in our supply chain are treated with dignity and respect.

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Migrant Employees

Any factory that employs foreign migrant employees must ensure fair treatment for all.

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Women Empowerment

We take pride in supporting female factory workers and their communities.

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Programs that Make a Difference


Better Work

An International Labour Organization and International Finance Corporation collaboration to promote decent work and better business in the garment industry.


Strives to empower low-income women working in global supply chains.


Designed to support women globally who work in the apparel industry.


Breaks the cycle of poverty and trafficking by empowering women and youth.

Room to Read

A leading nonprofit for children’s literacy and girls’ education across Asia and Africa.

Hear from the Team

  • I work for an organization that cares about making the world a better place. I’m inspired by the passion of the associates who continue to drive innovation and development in this space. It’s a great reminder of why A&F Co. is a special place to work. We truly care about the importance of our efforts and our ability to drive change. A&F Co.’s commitment is authentic and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a part of it. Jeffrey BisdorfSourcing Operations