Corporate Governance

Our Board of Directors and executive team believe that strong and effective corporate governance is essential to our overall success. Our Board of Directors reviews our major governance policies, practices, and processes regularly in the context of current corporate governance trends, investor feedback, regulatory changes, and recognized best practices. The foundation of our corporate governance program is providing transparent disclosure to all stakeholders on an ongoing and consistent basis, with a focus on delivering long-term stockholder value.

Communication with the Board

The Board believes it is important for stockholders and other interested parties to be able to communicate with the Board and its individual members. Any party who wishes to communicate with the Board or any individual director may do so by sending a letter to such individual or individuals, in care of the Company’s Corporate Secretary, to the Company’s offices at 6301 Fitch Path, New Albany, Ohio 43054. The mailing envelope must contain a clear notation indicating the intended recipient. All such letters must identify the author as a stockholder or other interested party and clearly state whether the intended recipients are all members of the Board, all non-management directors, all independent directors or certain specified individual directors. Copies of all such letters will be circulated to the appropriate director or directors. Correspondence marked “personal and confidential” will be delivered to the intended recipient without opening. There is no screening process in respect of communications from stockholders or other interested parties.

Contact Information

Investor Relations

(614) 283-6751

Public Relations

(614) 283-6192

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