5 Pieces of Advice for Young Professionals from our Global Brand President

Kristin Scott Headshotv3

A&F Co. Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) are developed with a mission to honor and empower associates. The Women & Allies ARG, specifically, exists to support intersectional identities of all women-identifying associates through leadership development, speaker series and community building. 

Our Global Brand President and North America Managing Director, Kristin Scott, joined a Women & Allies ARG meeting for a purposeful discussion about her personal career journey while also reflecting on a few lessons she has learned along the way. 

Below are five pieces of advice Kristin shared with our associates: 

  1. Follow your passion 
    Upon graduating from college, Kristin never thought that a passion for shopping and retail could turn into a lifelong career. When she landed her first corporate job at Target, she soon realized how fulfilling work can be, especially when you are doing something you truly love and in an industry that you are passionate about. With roles at Target, Gap, Victoria’s Secret, Hollister and A&F, Kristin has spent her 20+ career in retail, and encourages others to also find that specific industry where you are happiest and can continue to learn and grow. 
  1. Learn from your managers 
    Kristin explained that the managers she has had throughout her career journey have helped her grow and evolve into the type of leader and mentor she is today. She was able to learn from both positive and negative experiences throughout her professional career, and use those moments as learning opportunities for herself (and her team and colleagues!)
  1. Take risks 
    Kristin gained exposure and opportunities through hard work, dedication and a lot of risk taking. When growing and evolving in a career, Kristin advised associates to always “keep their eyes open” to new advancements and changes in their careers. You never know what could be coming next! 
  1. Never burn a bridge 
    As a firm believer of “everything happens for a reason,” Kristin also recommended associates to use any moment; the good, bad and ugly, as learning opportunities, even in times of uncertainty. With industry leaders being so strongly connected to one another, it’s important to embrace those relationships rather than turning away from them. 
  2. Find balance in your life
    When reflecting on finding balance throughout her career, Kristin admitted it got easier over time to find those moments for herself. While work remains a priority, it’s spending quality time with her family that helps her remain balanced.