‘Abercrombie & Fitch Is Reaping the Rewards of Taking Adult Women Seriously’


Listening to our customers has been instrumental in creating products that cater to the 20-something consumer and beyond. From our YPB activewear to Curve Love denim to our A&F Wedding Shop, our A&F brand truly has something for everyone – and every occasion! 

Ahead of the launch of our A&F Wedding Shop, our Chief Marketing Officer, Carey Collins Krug, sat down with the Wall Street Journal to discuss the variations in our marketing strategies, including how we utilize channels like TikTok to stay close to our customers. 

Collins Krug stated, “we have a huge army of brand advocates and creators that also create content for us and what we have found is that when you lean into content creators that are native to the platform, that media will perform significantly better than content that we create for those platforms.” 

Carey Collins Krug shared additional insight into the importance of gaining a deep understanding of what our customers want to buy. “It was that focus and really understanding the lifestyle of that 20-something that has given us the growth that we’re seeing today, and unlocked a lot of opportunities not only from a brand and marketing perspective, but also from an assortment perspective,” Collins Krug said. 

Learn more about our marketing strategies in Carey’s full interview with the Wall Street Journal here.