World Teen Mental Wellness Day & Hollister Confidence Project


As the quintessential retail brand of the global teen consumer, Hollister is dedicated to keeping teens top of mind. But our brand’s commitment to teens goes beyond what they’re wearing.  

In 2020, Hollister decided to make a national holiday dedicated to normalizing conversations around mental wellness. After connecting with the National Day Calendar, World Teen Mental Wellness Day (WTMWD) was born. It serves as an annual power boost for the soul, disrupting the stigma around mental health. By talking and connecting over shared experiences, we believe we can encourage all teens to live happier, healthier lives.  

WTMWD is an important day of the year, but our dedication to enriching the lives of teens is a 365-days-a-year endeavor. Enter the Hollister Confidence Project, a year-round initiative to help teens feel their most confident, comfortable and capable!  

Through this project, Hollister awards grants to organizations who prioritize one or more of the following focus areas: teen mental wellness, equitable opportunity for BIPOC youth, anti-bullying efforts, safety and inclusion of LGBTQIA+ youth, and environmental impact.  

Since the project launched in 2020, we’ve raised over $3M in partnership with customers and awarded grants to over 60 organizations. We recently announced our latest round of grant winners which, for the first time, includes an international grantee! Read more about them below, as well as a couple of our other winners. The full list can be found here.   

  • The Latin America & the Caribbean Alliance (a program within YMCA International), strengthening leadership and self-reliance to advance community development of Latin American and Carribean youth. 
  • The Laurel Foundation, producing mental health programs to empower transgender or gender-diverse youth & youth affected by HIV or AIDS.
  • This is my Brave, the leading national mental health storytelling nonprofit, using power of story to reduce stigma and improve mental well-being.  

If you work for or know of a group whose mission is to better the lives of teens, visit here for more information and keep an eye out in late summer/early fall of this year when our next grant window opens!