Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) Month at A&F Co.

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This October, we held A&F Co.’s second annual I&D Month. Associates were encouraged to embrace  I&D through education, connection and celebration of our I&D principles: representation, leadership, learning and equity.  

As a company, we’ve prioritized ongoing learning, with a primary focus on the development and delivery of the I&D Core Curriculum—an evergreen learning journey intended to inspire our talent and upskill inclusive leadership. Courses, which were offered in-person and virtually, included:  

  • Understanding Inclusive Language, which helped associates explore the power of language and its influence on belonging. 
  • Intersectionality: Exploring the Intersections of our Identities, which covered the topic of identity and the intersections of privilege, power and marginalization. 
  • Confronting Bias & Microaggressions, which focused on the impact of bias and microaggressions on marginalized communities. 

Each of these courses help associates build awareness and apply what they learned to enhance inclusion in their everyday lives. Throughout the month, they captured their reflections and created actionable commitments.  

Alongside education, we created space for celebration, connection and community by hosting an I&D Festival. Associates took part in community-building activities through interactive education-based games. They also had the chance to recommit to allyship by signing up for our Associate Resource Groups. These include BIPOC, Families/Caregivers, Pride, Women, and our newest ABLE & Allies, which supports those that identify with or are an ally to those within the disability community. 

We know that our work is not limited to I&D Month; it is a representation of the ongoing commitment to embracing diversity in all forms. The purpose of this work is to build a stronger sense of community across every aspect of our business while supporting our associates on the journey to being and becoming who they are.