Associate Spotlight: Stephanie Chan 

Stephanie Chan

Stephanie Chan is a General Manager in Paris, France, who began her journey as a store Manger in Training back in 2017. In her time with A&F Co., she’s worked across five different stores with associates from around the world.  

Learn more about Stephanie below, including what her personal superpower is, and watch her Instagram video to see what a day in her #LifeatANF is like.  

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What has been your career path so far? 

My career journey started in October 2017 as a Manager in Training in Paris. Three months later, I became an Assistant Manager. In December 2019, I was promoted to Store Manager and transferred to Abu Dhabi with the responsibility to open their first abercrombie kids store. After nearly three years in the UAE, I transitioned back to the French market as a General Manager in August 2022. Throughout this trajectory, I’ve had the privilege of working across five stores with associates from all over the world! 

Tell us about your role and what you are responsible for at A&F Co.  

A general manager helps the development of the business and its strategies, with a focus on financial and operational goals. I report on profits, KPIs, products, visual merchandising, marketing, buying trends, and customer needs to District/Regional managers and corporate partners to determine business efficiency, opportunities and challenges. 

Moreover, I support my district and oversee day-to-day operational functions through the different levels of managers and brand representatives. I create trainings, assign tasks, track performances and motivate them to achieve objectives while promoting A&F Co.’s culture and values. 

I also lead by example in cultivating customer relationships to ensure memorable experiences and foster brand loyalty. 

What is your talent or superpower? 

I’m a very positive person. I look for something good in every situation. There’s a quote from Nelson Mandela that reflects my mindset, “I never lose. I either win or learn.” As a leader, I always do my best to achieve success—I will celebrate small and big wins!  

However, I also acknowledge that sometimes setbacks are inevitable, whether due to controllable or uncontrollable factors. In such instances, I approach challenges with a constructive and resilient mindset, utilizing them as opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally.  

At A&F Co., we are passionate about embedding our corporate purpose in everything that we do, how have you seen this most clearly come to life? 

Having been raised in a diverse family (I am Brazilian and half Chinese) and exposed to various cultures through my growth and travels, inclusivity holds significant importance to me. Whether through our interactions with associates, our product offerings or the customer experience, we continue to expand diversity, equity and inclusion. 

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?  

I am passionate about discovering new cultures and learning languages. As a hobby, I love to paint (my favorite painters are Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo) and I am an avid reader. History and art museums are my first stops during a trip!