Associate Spotlight: Nathan Palmer

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Nathan Palmer, a graphic designer for abercrombie kids boys products, joined A&F Co. through our Leadership Develop Program five years ago. He also co-chairs the Pride&Allies Associate Resource Group, helping plan monthly meetings and activations that educate and uplift the LGBTQ+ community.  

Read more about Nathan below, then follow along on a day in his life over on @LifeatANF.  

  1. What does success look like in your job? 

To me, style is all about self-expression and comfort. So, for me to be successful in this industry is to design clothes that help kids feel comfortable for all their activities while allowing them to express who they are. Being a kid can be a lot of work! When I see kids wearing our clothes, that always feels like success. Fashion is all about choices and it’s always an honor when they chose us. 

I think the other—and equally important—part of being successful in my job is being part of this really robust and collaborative team. We trust each other, support each other, and make each other better! No one is successful in this job by themselves; we only ever win together. 

  1. What gets you out of bed in the morning? 

I feel like everyone is going to say, “the people” and that’s because it’s the truth. I work with some of the most incredibly talented people, and we collaborate on exciting stuff every single week. There are plenty of days where it is hard work, but we believe in our customers, our product and each other.  

The other thing that gets me out of bed is knowing that I can get an iced lavender latte when I get to the office. 

  1. What is your favorite thing to do outside of work? 

Probably be dancing. I love any exercise that’s disguised as something else, so you’ll frequently catch me on the dance floor giving it my all or hopping down to Hocking Hills for a quick hike. I’m not an overly active person but those endorphins are so real—and both of those activities are perfect for bringing friends along, which I love! When I’m not getting my steps in, I love having friends over for board games, or relaxing with some comfort sitcoms (especially 30 Rock!). 

  1. What’s your secret talent or superpower? 

I’ve been a high school mascot and a long-time camp counselor, and high-morale and “team spirit” are things that I really value about how I show up to work. We make a lot of great things with a lot of great people. When we don’t lose sight of that perspective, we charge forward in really meaningful ways. 

  1. At A&F Co., we are passionate about embedding our corporate purpose in everything that we do. How have you seen this most clearly come to life? 

A lot of companies talk a big game when it comes to purpose, but I’ve been lucky to see firsthand the impact A&F Co. has year-round. Working on Pride collections, I’ve seen how people at every level of the company believe in a kinder and more equitable world. Our purpose-driven capsules are designed in collaboration with our philanthropic partners, allowing us to bring in varied voices, as well as design better product. 

Our associate resource groups (ARG) also help this storytelling stay consistent. I help co-chair the Pride&Allies ARG, bringing LGBTQ+ associates together to discuss current events, learn about being better community members and even plan philanthropic and community-building events. It’s built great connections and always has powerful meetings. We laugh and cry together. It’s special. 

I know our commitment to the LGBTQ+ community is changing lives because it changed mine! I am honored to continue expanding on that work every day.