Associate Spotlight: Chloe Coldrick


Chloe Coldrick has loved fashion since she was a little girl. Now, she works at A&F Co. as an Assistant Merchant for Hollister on Men’s Outerwear and Swim. Learn a little about Chloe below, then see what a day in her life is like over at @LifeatANF.  

Tell us about your role and what you are responsible for at A&F Co. 

I am an Assistant Merchant for Hollister on Men’s Outerwear and Swim, which looks different day to day. Some days include working on future assortments, while others may involve reading the current business. I love having a job that allows me to be both creative and analytical! 

What does success look like in your job? 

Success looks different for everyone. As a merchant I think success is seen when we connect with our customer. For example, when a customer responds positively to a product we created, it shows us that we understand our customers’ needs and that the choices we are making for the business are supporting those needs!   

What gets you out of bed in the morning? 

Simply put, my love for fashion. Ever since I was little, I have wanted to be a part of the fashion world. In first grade I told everyone I was going to be a designer when I grew up. But as I got older, I realized my lack of drawing skills might affect my ability to become a designer. I am so thankful that I found Apparel Merchandising, which has allowed me to be involved in the product life cycle from both a creative and business standpoint. 

If you weren’t doing this, what other job or role would you love to pursue? 

If I wasn’t working in the fashion industry, I could see myself as a photographer. In high school, I gained a passion for photography. Throughout college I took peers’ senior photos and volunteered for my college magazine. I loved capturing people’s emotions in photos and videos. Today I still feed this passion by creating compilation videos and taking photos of friends! 

What excites you about the future at A&F Co.? 

Seeing how A&F Co. has evolved even just in the past few years has me feeling very excited for what’s to come! Due to our close connection with our customers and brand awareness, I think A&F Co.’s success is only going to continue to grow!