A Sustainable Mission at A&F Co.  


This Earth Month, A&F Co. is celebrating the hard work of associates across the company—from our Sustainability Team to Product Teams—that are making strides in our sustainable efforts. Our mission is multifaceted, with a focus spanning social and environmental impact as well as product sustainability.  

Our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our products starts with our supply chain and sourcing. We collaborate with partners who consistently measure and improve their environmental performance. Additionally, we’re sourcing sustainable fibers—including Better Cotton, recycled polyester and traceable man-made cellulosic fibers—and responsibly source our down and wool animal fibers.  

Associate Gabby Gwin is on the Gilly Hicks Design team and says the brand’s largest fabric franchise, Recharge, is made of 88% recycled polyester. Additionally, “Gilly has re-launched a new and improved active-handed ‘fleece’ using TENCEL™ Modal fibers,” Gwin says. “TENCEL™ Modal is sourced from responsibly managed forests, and is known for being soft, smooth and breathable.”  

This is a step in the right direction, as one of our sustainability goals is to source 100% manmade cellulosic fibers (MMCF) from non-endangered or ancient forests by 2025. 

Our A&F Co. designers, merchants and sourcing partners are helping take the lead, informing our customers about the product they’re buying. “Our customer is becoming more concerned with their impact on the environment and the longevity of the garments they’re buying,” says Sarah Jonesco, an A&F Women’s Sweaters merchant. “We utilize a couple different sustainability claims—mostly the Responsible Wool Standard and Better Cotton. These come to appear in our marketing on hangtags on our garments and in web copy on the site.” 

Another of our sustainability goals, which is to source 25% recycled polyester by 2025, will help reduce waste from landfills. “Working in product development, I really value prioritizing sustainable raw materials,” says Hannah Baker, who works on the HCo Women’s Outwear Sourcing team. “It feels good knowing our product is not only exceptional quality, but also takes it one step further in making a positive environmental impact.”  

Associate Carly Samek from A&F Women’s Outerwear Sourcing agrees. She calls attention to some of our outerwear’s sustainable attributes, which include, “recycled wool, recycled polyester fill, Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) wool, Responsible Down Standard (RDS) down feather fill, TENCEL™ Lyocell, and vegan leather and suede.”  

Samek is proud of the product she’s helping put into the world and loves seeing “when our customers appreciate these attributes as well!” 

It’s inspiring to feel the momentum towards our sustainability goals continue to pick up thanks to the vision and hard work of teams across A&F Co. While Earth Month is a wonderful time to pause and reflect on our progress, we also continue to look ahead.  

Our mission to positively impact the planet is year-round.  

Click here to learn more about our sustainability goals, which include social impact, environmental impact and product sustainability.  

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